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Who We Are

We provide personalized protection instruction, private firearm instruction and range training. Our training courses will provide you with the education, hands on experience and safety training needed for you to feel comfortable owning or carrying a firearm. Whether you are a newbie to this or you are experienced, we can provide new and different techniques for you to learn and practice that will fit your lifestyle. We also give you suggestions for purchasing the proper firearm that is right for you and your needs.

How It Started

One night I was watching the news and this particular news cast showed 2-3 stories about home invasions and one strong armed robbery. The next day I got a call from a friend who wanted to learn how to shoot due to their home being on the news the night before. Being the protector that I am, I came up with a plan to help others to protect themselves. There were other stories that hit home about children finding guns that weren’t properly stored and being hurt. I wanted to do my part and pass on the knowledge that I have along with a group of experienced trainers to give economical training to the average citizens so they can protect themselves, families, homes and businesses.

Ronnie Oliver
RR 21 Tactical

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